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Which pillow filling is the best?

Which pillow filling is the best?

The question of which cushion filling is best for you - is very individual and can not be answered flat-rate.

The following fillings are often used for the sleeping cushions:

Feathers and down have good insulating abilities and thus keep the head warm. Down is very soft, but springs are harder. A down pillows cushion is therefore the softer, the higher the proportion of down is
Foams are very flexible and have a supporting effect - very good for neck support pillows and neck rolls
Polyester is produced in various forms: they are sold as beads, sticks, flakes and as a hollow fiber. Especially soft is the microfiber - a good alternative for down. These fillers are elastic and soft, yet durable and suitable for frequent washing. Advantage - they can be washed at high temperatures in the washing machine - very hygienic and great for allergy sufferers!
Water cushions - the special covers are filled with water, and the amount of water can be adjusted to personal needs - very flexible
Alternatives from nature (Careful if you are allergic): kapok, cotton, hemp, wool flakes, camel fluff, horsehair, natural latex flakes, husks, and spelled husks

Here are some tips that can help you choose your best pillow.

Pay attention to your sleeping habits:

Back sleepers: if you sleep mostly on your back, your pillow should rather be firm
Abdominal sleepers: rather a soft pillow to recommend
Side sleeper: in the lying position head and body should form a straight line, so that your neck does not straighten in the bed. For side sleepers there are also special side sleeper cushions on which you can also store one leg and relieve your knees
Their weight also plays an important role in the selection of the pillow filling. In this regard, the rule is: the heavier you are, the firmer the fill should be

Which pillow filling for allergy sufferers?

For people with allergies, it is common house dust mites that cause problems. If you belong to this group, a filler that can be washed at high temperatures is recommended. In this case, polyester would be a good choice and also a latex pillow is suitable for many allergic persons. Latex is not washable though.
Which cushion filling when sweating?

If you sweat slightly in bed, it is best to choose a pillow filling made from natural fibers such as wool, camel hair or horsehair, which can absorb a lot of moisture. Although down is also one of the natural materials, but are not very suitable for sweaty people, because these cuddly pillows warm additionally.

Filling wool, hollow fiber or foam flakes - that was yesterday. Fill your pillow now with fiber balls - AIRDREAMBALL filling and save yourself uncomfortable and stuffy pillow fillings.

As filling material for pillows, fiber balls are particularly well suited. Because unlike many other pillow fillings, the AIRDREAMBALL filling ensures a long-lasting, hygienic and comfortable filling material.

The advantages of AIRDREAMBALL filling at a glance:

A cushion filled with AIRDREAMBALL is washable at up to 60 ° C and therefore remains hygienically clean for many years. If you fill your pillows with the AIRDREAMBALL filling, you protect yourself from pathogenic germs in the pillows. After washing, a short shake is enough and your pillow is back in shape and soft
Dimensionally stable: with the AIRDREAMBALL filling, you can save on clogged cushions
Hygienic: Fine dust in the pillow is rinsed out of the AIRDREAMBALL filling with every wash. At the same time, all house dust mites are killed - especially for children and allergy sufferers, the AIRDREAMBALL filling is therefore ideal
Resistant to moisture Absolutely insensitive: an organic cushion filling made of down or feathers can mold or rot. With AIRDREAMBALL this can not happen to you, because pillows with this filling material are absolutely insensitive to moisture
Tested for harmful substances: Cushions filled with fiber balls are Oeko-Tex certified. This makes them the ideal pillow filling for newborns and children

OUR TIP: AIRDREAMBALL Sei Design: Fiber balls - the cushion filling of the future

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Which pillow filling is the best?

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